Ramen Burger NYC https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPnJV4d

Ramen Burger NYC https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPnJV4d

Always feeling some type of way around night time before I sleep. 

My questions:
1) Why?
2) Who cares? bc i dont even care.
3) Why so sensitive?

My response:
1) Bc you always listen to songs that trigger
2) No one cares. LOL
3) I don’t know. Just go to sleep. 



Park Min Woo - How To Be Cute and Awkward At The Same Time (Part 1)

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I CANT GET OVER! I’m so in love.

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"I’m less than perfect I don’t always win when I try, I’ve just been second choice so many times in my life"

- The Math, Gabe Bondoc

Sometimes it’s okay to pity yourself, with all of the unsaid worries and unsaid feelings, no one will ever understand but yourself.

#thoughts #butdontoverthinkmythoughts #dontassumeeither #ordowhateveryouwant #lol #dontcare

Day 8:

Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, Day-draankin in Battery Park, the High Line, and Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. 

Day 7 part 3: MomoFuku

If you do decide to visit NYC, this place is good for dessert! I highly recommend the soft-served cereal milk syrup with cornflakes, and their cookies! 

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Day 7 part 2:

Central Park

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Day 7 part 1: Columbia University

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