I had to brainstorm today for an assignment on the things that makes me angry. It was really hard to think of what makes me angry since I’m a person who gets over things quickly. I ended up asking a friend to do my assignment for me because I just can’t find anything that makes me angry. But now I just realized what really makes me angry: it’s being angry over something when you cant even explain why you are or when you do not even have a valid reason. Unexplainable anger really makes me angry. It’s being frustrated over something but can’t even explain why. Its like, what is my right to be angry at this moment? Then you realize, none. You dont. And you feel angrier that your anger becomes irrelevant and forever unresolved.

the maknae bias is strong with this group

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When @realericnam takes a selfie with us #kcon14 #spotme #viki 😍😍😍

When @realericnam takes a selfie with us #kcon14 #spotme #viki 😍😍😍

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LOL but on another note, I’m also selfless because I want to serve people because I love them. And for me thats the simplicity of it: selflesness - sacrifice - love.

Selflessness ?

People have always thought of me to be a very selfless person. But I just realized the sad truth behind this as I am reflecting on who I am and what I’ve become lately. The thing is there’s no such thing such as truly becoming selfless. When you’re selfless, you’re still doing yourself a favor in the end. I found that I’m the type of person who would rather get disturbed by people than disturb people, I’d rather give than receive, and i’d rather do favors for people than ask people to do favors for me. Because in the end, i’m scared of dependency. I don’t like being dependent on people. I’d like to know that even when I’m the only one left, I’ll be just fine and still be able to find ways to make myself happy.

[Post-Grad Life] Entry #1


In nearly two months, I will officially be done with my undergraduate and will be beginning my journey to the real world. Because of the nearing of my entrance to a new chapter of my life, I have been doing a lot of reflections about myself, my skills, knowledge, and what I also still need to learn. 

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Coney Island

Coney Island

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Karen Roxas

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Ramen Burger NYC https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPnJV4d

Ramen Burger NYC https://flic.kr/s/aHsjPnJV4d

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